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India Miracle tour report.

The Gospel in INDIA!
Dear Mission Partners,

As I reflect on these last 2 weeks in India I am both humble and honored to serve some of the most amazing and powerful men of God and churches in the great nation of India.

There is over a billion Souls to be won to the Lord and we have just begun. The mission was not without it challenges as there is great persecution for openly evangelizing in open and mass crusades as a foreigner. I must remain committed to protecting the ministries in India. We did see one church with some 60,000 believers and I preached there 2 times. I gave a prophetic word the last time in India to this Apostle that he would plant 200 new churches and in 4 years this had happened.

I also was blessed to be a part of a prayer revival where up to 10,000 attend weekly for healing and we saw the book of Acts in action! Some times 6-7000 Hindus attend weekly and want prayer. It was a honor to be a part of serving such a ministry!

There were many notable miracles like the man on his death bed after suffering a stroke and remained on life support in a come. They brought him by ambulance for prayer and he came out of the coma Praise God. We also say in one meeting 10 deaf mutes healed and a you man mentally ill from birth instantly restored to his right mind. There were cancers, tumors and many other miracles but the good news is we reached 10,000s of thousands in secret meetings as some days we did 2 venues and sometimes we were just in one city for 24 hours and we were on the move.

I know many of you prayed and responded to our emergency Prayer Alert updates. I heard many fasted and I could see a shift in the demonic warfare as many prayed!

We had pastor Louise who leads our KRA apostolic Ministry equip about 5000 in the prophetic ministry and we met dozens of young and hungry leaders and Evangelists. We believe India shall be saved! In many ways India and their Laws have made it a challenge for foreign ministries to preach in the mass crusades I remember in the earlier days of our ministry we saw over 400,000 Hindis and Muslims meet the love and forgiveness of Jesus.

I came with the prophetic word Acts 4:31 and many confirming signs we would see God release Power and boldness through miracles, signs and wonders in the midst of persecution according to Acts 4:29-31

I want to thank you as partners and prayer warriors, many friends as we saw many thousands saved and will be baptized as our one ministry friend baptizes up to 10,000 once a month. Pray for India and nations like Pakistan where we are reaching millions with the Gospel. More to come

Thank you for sowing into Revival Harvest in the nations!

Yours in Harvest!

Todd Bentley
Man wakes up from Coma!
The man came by ambulance. The doctor said he is going to die and then he opened his eyes not only once but three times. When they left he was fully awake and it was a miracle! You can hear people screaming outside. The daughter said he had not even open his eyes for for four months!

The mission to INDIA was a great success! Todd had the chance to preach in some of largest auditoriums that could hold the crowd where many hundreds stood for salvation! In total some 100,000 people attended the meetings including 200 Satellite churches.

Thanks partners for praying and sowing! We saw some 8,000-10,000 Hindus and Muslims Saved.
"There were also many many miracles tonight and one of my favorite miracles was a cancer on a man's face that was healed and deaf ears were opened and tumors were healed instantly after preaching the good news of the gospel! Expecting many more reports to come!" - Todd Bentley
This is the 3rd service today in 3 overflow venues about 10,000 here and there are 200 satellite overflows. This church is 60,000 and has branches all over India.