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Dream of a Coming Revival.

Dream of a Coming Revival and the Color Teal
Dream of a Coming Revival and the Color Teal
by Jessa Bentley
On April 5th, 2012, I had a dream the Lord gave me that was very real and incredibly vivid. I saw two mantles come together, one blue and one green, and make the perfect blend. The mantle became teal. My friend texted me today saying that he saw a similar vision, and it reminded me of my dream. Below is an excerpt from an article that Todd wrote, "Revelation on Releasing Mantles", where he shares a portion of the dream I had. I still believe this new mantle is being released on many today and will continue to be released on those who are willing to receive it!


Jessa Bentley
Revelation on Releasing Mantles
by Todd Bentley

Jessa's Dream of a Coming Revival:

Then the Lord spoke to me and said, "One year ago, this revival began here in Tongaat, South Africa." One year ago on the same day, my wife Jessa, had a dream, a vivid dream, about a coming revival. She saw it in California and in Los Angeles. She saw it in America, but it was global. In this dream, my wife saw two mantles come out of Heaven. One was the color blue and one was the color green. She said, "I see a blue mantle and I see a green mantle coming out of Heaven. The two mantles came together and made a new mantle. It was the perfect blend of blue and green, which made the mantle color teal. The perfect blend of blue and green, two mantles that became one."

In my wife's dream, the Lord spoke to her about how this new movement would begin in California and spark into a global move. In the dream, Jessa knew the Lord was showing her that the blue mantle was heavenly revelation--prophetic--when we see in the spirit, dreams, visions, and encounters. It was like the mantle the prophet would wear. In the Bible, the prophet wore a blue mantle. The priest wore a blue tunic.

Then she saw the green one, and the green one was healing. The green one was new life, prosperity, and healing. When the blue and green came together, it made one new mantle. It was the color teal, but the Lord spoke to her and she said, "This is a second wave of the voice of healing Latter Rain, a second time, that anointing that came around in 1946 or 1948, the Latter Rain after the second World War, which was one of the greatest healing revivals that came to America since the day of Pentecost."

William Branham, A.A. Allen, Jack Coe, Oral Roberts, and T.L. Osborn, just to name a few, were all part of a great movement released in America in 1948; it really started in 1946. The day was May 7, 1946, and today is May 7. On May 7, 1946 an angel appeared to a prophet by the name of William Branham and said, "You're going to be a part of one of the greatest healing movements and harvest and miracles that the world has seen since the day of Pentecost." It's in the history books.

My wife said, "The Lord showed me that this mantle, the prophet-healing, miracle mantle, was going to become one, and it was going to be a new anointing and a new mantle that would come on the Body of Christ. Not just healing and evangelism, but prophetic in the revelation that the two mantles were coming together in one. Then there would be prophets and evangelists, prophetic healing and power all together in one mantle. It was a new anointing that was coming, and there would be a second wave of what they called 'Latter Rain,' a second wave of what they called 'the voice of healing.' It would be a wave of God's healing miracle power that the world has yet to see since the book of Acts, since the day of Pentecost. A brand new mantle was coming."
Whether your entire family is completely lost and living in sin, or they are completely in love with Jesus, You still find it in your heart to pray for them on a regular basis.

In order to have revival in America, we first need to have revival in our families.

We are building an altar for families that will be on stage in the Angeles Temple. This altar is specifically intended to be a place where every single photo of families that you send in will be placed, and we will be anointing these emails, and photos with oil and prayer and declaring REVIVAL in your family.

As you're sending your family photos and prayer requests, sow a seed for revival in families. While in Los Angeles this summer, we will be ministering daily to over 60,000 people on Skid Row.

You really do reap what you sow, and as you do sow, believe God that your gospel seed can help delver the gospel to families. $20, $50, $100, or even join our wall of honor by sowing a $1,000 seed. The wall of honor will be on the stage in Angeles Temple for all to see and honor.

Every photo will be printed out and put it on the altar this August in Angeles Temple.