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Urgent call to Prayer

Call to Prayer and Miracle Testimony
Todd is currently on the ground in INDIA ministering to the persecuted church. He is requesting some prayer to cover him and the team. The demonic warfare is intense and he needs prayer while he preaches the Gospel in this country.
Man in Coma Wakes up in Ambulance!
This man was in the coma with a stroke. The hospital was pulling the plug and they sent him here by ambulance. The doctor said he is going to die and then he opened his eyes not only once but three times and a major miracle begins to happen! When they left he was fully awake and it was a miracle! You can hear people screaming outside. The daughter said he had not even open his eyes for for four months!
The ministry is also in need of prayer and financial support. We currently have an immediate need of $10,000. W e are asking for 
your support as we preach the Gospel in the nations and America.

"Thank you in advance for considering a seed for souls today!" - Todd Bentley
This is the 3rd service today in 3 overflow venues about 10,000 here and there are 200 satellite overflows. This church is 60,000 and has branches all over India.