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God's Glory is here in India

INDIA Mission Update
" God's Glory is here in India"
" God's Glory is here in India. The church has over 60,000 in numerous overflows. Some up to 10,000 members! When I came 3 years ago to this church, I prophesied about an explosive move of God. They now have planted in 45 countries 200 churches between 1 - 10,000 a venue since the prophetic word! It does s amazing what's happening here India Where the church is truly under more persecution for open evangelism than it has been for many years! I'm sorry I can't really post more publicly about it because everything is secret and I'm moving venues twice a day some and sometimes every 24 hours to cities so for safety. We are seeing many salvations and miracles!"

Todd Bentley
This is the 3rd service today in 3 overflow venues about 10,000 here and there are 200 satellite overflows. This church is 60,000 and has branches all over India.

The great nation of India has over 1 billion people and we have started a massive out reach over the next couple of weeks and tonight was the first night! In addition to preaching in the largest auditorium that could hold the crowd where many hundreds stood for salvation! There was also three other venues that were able to watch live by satellite in different locations.

The locations of the meetings have had to be pretty secret because of the persecution here Please pray as Todd will be doing all of the services including a large church with almost 50,000 members coming up.

"There were also many many miracles tonight and one of my favorite miracles was a cancer on a man's face that was healed and deaf ears were opened and tumors were healed instantly after preaching the good news of the gospel! Expecting many more reports to come!"

Watch and Pray! 

Todd Bentley
India Mission
India was once a place where the gospel was proclaimed in abundance. However, the current political climate has shifted the country and the Gospel is not as welcome as it once was. This mission will look to amend the spiritual atmosphere to see India reclaimed with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

If you have a heart to see revival break out in the country of India and a hunger to see souls saved please prayerfully consider partnering with us in prayer, financial support, or both. Pray the power and presence of God will be poured out in this beautiful country.