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Indian Equipping Mission begins!

A message from Todd on the ground in INDIA!
Todd is on the ground in INDIA!
Update from Todd
" As many of you know I am safe here in India now. I will be ministering in multiple cities across the country and have a great network of churches.
Many of these meetings cannot be advertised or spoken about publicly but we expect about 60,000 people and we appreciate all the prayers. I will try to do as many updates as I can without any specific details of these meetings until we are in a safer place as there is much more persecution here now in India for doing outdoor crusades evangelism. Appreciate the support and prayers while I am here ministering! Much love in the Harvest!"

Todd Bentley
India Mission Fundraiser
India was once a place where the gospel was proclaimed in abundance. However, the current political climate has shifted the country and the Gospel is not as welcome as it once was. This mission will look to amend the spiritual atmosphere to see India reclaimed with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

If you have a heart to see revival break out in the country of India and a hunger to see souls saved please prayerfully consider partnering with us in prayer, financial support, or both. Pray the power and presence of God will be poured out in this beautiful country.

The need we have at this time is $10,000 and we are asking for 
your support as we serve India. Thank you in advance for considering a 
seed for souls today!