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Critical Need final push.

We are so close to meeting our Critical Need!
We have a Critical Need of $7,800
Dear Friends,

Thank you for all your recent responses to our critical need. We are so close to our goal. We have received $6,700 of our $14,500 goal. Therefore, we are still asking for your continued prayers, love, and financial support to reach our goal.

Goal - $14,500
Donations - $6,700
Remaining = $7,800

Help us bring hope, recovery, and restoration to America and the nations!

 "Thank you in advance for considering a seed for souls today!"
Please partner with us as we have entered the final 90 days to Revival Harvest America – California . We are in full swing to fill Los Angeles and Angelus Temple with the sounds of the Lord, calling in the harvest. Jesus said: "Say not you 'There are still four months until harvest'? I tell you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are ripe for harvest." John 4:35
Todd Bentley and the Fresh Fire team will be going on a special mission to India in the early summer of 2019. India was once a place where the gospel was proclaimed in abundance. However, the current political climate has shifted the country and the Gospel is not as welcome as it once was. This undercover mission will look to amend the spiritual atmosphere to see India reclaimed with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

If you have a heart to see revival break out in the country of India and a hunger to see souls saved please prayerfully consider partnering with us in prayer, financial support, or both. Pray the power and presence of God will be poured out in this beautiful country.
Bringing Hope, Recovery, and Restoration to the Muslim World!

In 2015 and 2017 FreshFireUSA had the opportunity to hold a week of Evangelistic Gospel Crusades in Karachi, Pakistan. Many miracles, signs, and wonders occurred including 3 resurrections from the dead! However, the greater focus and real rejoicing is with the 652,555 salvations! Including the many Muslims reached with the love of Jesus Christ.

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is currently open to the Gospel. FreshFireUSA has the opportunity to return to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in September 2019 to hold another week of Gospel Crusades in Quetta. Quetta, Pakistan sits along the Afghanistan border! These strategic crusades will allow us to preach the Message of Salvation and watch it shift the atmosphere in these fragile regions and spread like wildfire throughout this Muslim nation!
Pakistan Highlights

Fresh Fire USA Gospel crusade in Pakistan saw 652,555 salvations and many Muslims reached with the gospel and love of Jesus Christ. Not to mention 3 resurrections from the dead!