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How to Return to Jesus - Part 3

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The Lord has been showing me the beauty of His holiness and what it means to stand and worship in the beauty of His holiness. I've never been a holiness preacher per se. I've always been a grace, love, revival, more signs and wonders evangelist. I believe and preach mercy triumphs over judgment.

And I said, “Lord, when You say holiness and You say Peter, I don't tend to think of Peter when speaking about holiness. You know who I think about when speaking on holiness? John, the apostle.” I think of Peter as a rough fisherman. I kind of relate to David more. He was like the man of war—more wars than any other king.

I said, “God, who am I like in the Bible?” And He said, “you're My David and you're My Peter.” I was like wow, wait! I'd rather be Your John. And the Lord said, “but I loved David the most because of this one reason.” I was like, “his holiness, right?” The Lord said, “no because he was a man after My own heart.” Not that we don't have holiness, but some are trying to put on something that God makes happen.

The Lord's been visiting my meetings in recent months with holiness. And people are talking about the holy hush and how the fear of the Lord seems to come so heavy at times. So, I went to the Lord and I said, “God, what are You doing right now?” He said, “I'm giving you by My Spirit the spirit of the fear the Lord.” And I said, “You mean I can have holiness by the anointing?” He said, “yes, it's called the spirit of holiness (see Romans 1:4).” Did you know holiness is a spirit? It can manifest. And I said, “Well Lord, I want holiness to manifest in my meetings so that people will say that they’ve never been to a meeting so holy as Todd Bentley's.” The religious spirit would roll over! Is Todd talking about holiness? And boy did we ever feel the holiness of God.

I said Lord, “what is the fear of the Lord?” He said, “The fear of the Lord will keep you from evil. It will guard you and protect you. The fear of the Lord is so you can have all the other revelation gifts.” That's why the Holy Spirit, His fullness, is to bring the fruit of the Lord. So, the Lord said, “do you trust Holy Spirit to manifest as the fear of the Lord in your meetings? You pray for the fear the Lord even though you feel you are not there.” And I said, “I'm not there. I don't feel I’m there. I don't feel I'm the kind of preacher to be whole enough.” He said, “yeah but you're the most unlikely one, so I want to bring holiness through you, so you can be holy unto the Lord by the spirit and the fear of the Lord.”

So, let me tell you this last encounter because this is what we need to be ready for the glory that's coming, the greater glory. I want to welcome the fear the Lord. It's nothing you do yourself. It's not like you go out and live a few days where you're clean and then you're like, "God, I'm holy." It just comes, and it comes in your most vile time. When you're unclean it comes. You can ask for the holiness of the Lord. I said, “Lord, I can’t live without Your holiness.” He said, “how would you like to have it manifested in your life? And then people would say, ‘Todd has holiness by the anointing. I have heard it before, but it became revelation to me because you chose the fear of the Lord.’”

So, the fear the Lord became more than just commands. More than, "I fear the Lord, so I don't sin." Jesus said if you love Me, obey My commands. The idea being if you're in love with Jesus, it should be easy to not sin. But really, Jesus didn’t say it that way in the original language. It reads this way: If you were in love with Me, you would obey My commands. It was not if you love Me, let's test your love by living holy and try hard every day not to do sinful stuff. Because love is the key.

I was nineteen when I first got married. I didn't know what I was doing at nineteen, and I had an open vision even though I never met you, but God told me you're my wife. And so, we got married and it was all supernatural and spiritual at nineteen years old. I had my first baby at nineteen. We got divorced, but my ex-wife says you're still my favorite preacher. My ex-mother-in-law says, you're my favorite preacher. When I go preach in Canada, they are always in my meetings. People are like you went through a vile divorce and your ex-wife is in your meetings? She wrote a letter of endorsement for my restoration, for my character, everything. She got behind me when every other preacher was like....

Bill Johnson called my ex-wife ten years ago, and he said, “Todd wants to preach again, what do you think about that?” She said, “I think he should, I'll be in his meetings on the front row receiving from the glory of God.” It's like God does shocking things sometimes. So, I excluded myself from ever believing I would have a move of holiness. I felt disqualified because I had messed up in so many ways in my mind. People say they can't believe I’m so transparent and talk about this stuff with the TV cameras rolling.

That's my message for America. God's going to drain the swamp. He's going to bring preachers that are going to bring out the truth and that are going to tell you what's wrong with the church behind the scenes, in the green rooms, in the gossip, in the junk, and in the two greatest enemies of revival. I used to say it's the religious spirit, but the Lord said it's the political spirit.

We are more afraid about protecting the idea of what we look like than worrying about whether are we being kingdom. I've had people who say I don't want anyone to know I was at that meeting. Don't put it on Instagram and don't let anyone know I was watching and don't give me a like and a share. Pastors that are in the closet, reading all my stuff.

The church doesn't know how to do restoration right because we haven't learned the secret place. We haven't learned the love of the Father. It's in the love of the Father that there is perfect love, and perfect love will cast out fear. I'm telling you, everything that's got the root of fear, torment, and anxiety will be gone if you experience the perfect love.

The Lord told me that when fear is manifesting, it's torment. Torment is bondage. That's the spirit of death. He said the root of fear, anxiety, panic, death, and bondage are because there is not enough of the revelation of the love of the Father or experiencing the fresh revelation of the Father. The Lord has been dealing with me about the encounter that's for today and tomorrow that sustains me. Not the encounter I had in Acts 2. He's trying to take me from Acts 2 to Acts 4 and fill me again. We are trying to stay at Pentecost. We are trying to stay in one thing, but God is trying to move us back to the message of the hour. What is it? It's the glory. He's preparing us for the glory. The fear of the Lord is something that must happen before the glory can come.

I want to experience being so close to a holy God that what is on you is on me by presence, a holiness by presence. It's called the spirit of holiness. By the way, it doesn't come without the spirit of judgment and burning. People read about it in Isaiah 4. What happens when the spirit of judgment and burning comes to clean up the filth of the daughters of Jerusalem? It says that everything gets purged by the spirit of judgment and burning. Why? So that the Lord can create above every assembly of Zion a cloud of glory by day. A covering. A tabernacle of the glory of God that covers us because of the glory of God.

It was 3 o'clock in the morning. I woke up and an angel was in my room in my bed on top of me, and I thought it was an intruder that broke into the house. I didn't know it was an angel at first. It was like Jacob. I was wrestling with this angel in my bed. I thought it was a man and right then he pulled out a sword and that's when I realized it was an experience. I saw this sword and I thought I'm going to be cut in half. Then I was out of my body, and I looked at the man in the bed, and it was a giant called the sleeping church. It was a dread champion. It was a giant and it was sleeping.

And the sword was called the spirit of truth, and there was so much truth it cut the chain and the sleeping church came out of its slumber and compromise. And this dread champion arose, and the Lord said, “this is the next new breed generation of My church that's not going to be asleep anymore because the spirit of truth is going to come and cut the chains and set them free.” And I said, “who are you!?” He said, “I am the spirit of the fear of the Lord. I am the angel of the fear of the Lord,” and the dread of God fell on me. “I'm here because you will not be ready for the glory that's coming without the fear the Lord.” The glory that came that day never stopped after that angel came. He said, “I'm bringing in the greater glory, but it won't come without the fear the Lord.” And the fear of the Lord came upon my life.

Prophesying in Sonoma, California a few weeks ago (where it never snows really), I said, “you know snow prophetically represents the snow-white glory, heavy, weighty glory. How many want the glory of God to blanket?” I love the beauty of a fresh snow; it is like purity. The snow is a sign of a new move of holiness in the fear of the Lord coming. And then it snowed. Then it snowed in Redding. Two days after Paul Cain passed, we were in Santa Maria, California and it snowed. Then I was forty-five minutes outside of Los Angeles and I got stuck in a snowstorm, in a blizzard that wasn't even on the news. They didn't see it coming because it doesn't happen, it's California.

And then I went to Albany and it snows there so that can't be too prophetic, but the day I get there I talk about the holiness that's been happening in my meetings and it happened to snow. I got here last night, and I talked about the fear of the Lord and I know it's not a sign here, it's Lake Erie. But right when I finished the meeting last night and gave the word about how the holiness of the Lord was coming as a snow-white glory, it happened to snow. Right when I got out of the meeting it was a flurry of snow. Six times this year, including Russia, everywhere I went and talked about the fear the Lord, it ended up snowing.

And the Lord said, “I am getting your attention. I'm trying to bring the spirit of holiness, and you need to make room for the fear the Lord because the glory is what you're getting ready for.” Remember, 2020 will be a decade of the greater glory! 2019 is for preparation and manifestation. We are getting ready for something, and God's calling us back to the beginning and to the secret place of His presence.

By Todd Bentley



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