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A Prophetic Update.

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The 12 Cities Of Revival Prophecy

This is a update on this prophetic word for OHIO and the 12 cities of Revival prophecy.

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Pray for the Fires of Revival Harvest!

In April of 2008, within the first few weeks of Lakeland Bob Jones and myself were having a conversation by phone where we were both shown 12 cities where the Outpouring would begin breaking out igniting the fires of Revival. We understand and celebrate the many places that Revival is breaking out across America and throughout the world, but this is just our part of what we were shown.

The first city was Charlotte, NC. On April 23rd, a "Breakout" began at Rick Joyner's MorningStar Fellowship Church, which lasted 7 months. During these 7 months, they hosted meetings 6 nights a week with many notable and remarkable miracles each night. The second city I was shown was Kansas City, MO. Many of you are familiar with the "Student Awakening" at IHOP and what has happened there.

Below is an excerpt from a Panel Discussion between Rick Joyner and myself during the MorningStar Open Heavens Conference this past February.

"In a recent meeting here, just a small gathering, God spoke to me (Todd Bentley). He said, "Ohio." And I gave a word of knowledge and I said, "Is there anyone here from Ohio? There is an impartation. Revival is coming to Ohio." There were about 20 people in this one meeting that were all from Ohio and the amazing thing was it was not one group of people from Ohio, but several groups with no connection to one another. I said, "Why would so many people at one time come to this one particular meeting all from Ohio and with many of them not even knowing each other?" I said, "God You are speaking to me about Ohio." And people began asking me, "What city in Ohio?"

Both Rick Joyner and I have been shown separate visions about not one city, but 12 cities in America that would become Revival Hubs. Rick actually published an article in 1992, titled; "The Twelve City Prophecy" based on an encounter that he had on February 6, 1989. This article was published in the MorningStar Journal Vol. 2, No. 3 and again in Vol. 11, No. 1. The interesting part of what we both saw was there was no particular city highlighted in Ohio, but the entire city of Ohio was set ablaze with the fires of Revival.

In recent years, I have had a reoccurring vision where I saw William Branham baptizing thousands in the Ohio River with thousands more on it's banks. Through this vision, God spoke to me about the revelation and healing mantle of the 1940's and 1950's being rediscovered at the Ohio River and in the surrounding areas, but remember in the visions that Rick and I had we saw all of Ohio burning, not just one city.

This is another excerpt taken from the Panel Discussion (referenced above) between Rick and myself during the MorningStar Open Heavens Conference this past February.

"Ohio was the only state God did not give us (Todd speaking of his conversation with bob in April of 2008) a city for. And I wondered about that. Every other city is a city and state, but all God said was "Ohio." Now the Lord did say Lakeland, Florida, and it happened. The Lord did say, Charlotte, and it happened. The Lord did say, Kansas City, MO and it is happening. And then the Lord said, "Ohio." There were so many places burning in Ohio that God was moving in the entire state in so many churches and so many different cities in Ohio at one time that there was no specific city highlighted."

I did write down for documentation a few things about that prophecy. And one thing that Bob said was, "The third wave has begun." This wave will promote, prepare, purify, pierce, and inspire. We can expect to be changed. The voice of healing move of the Spirit years ago is now here for a second time and will not be stopped. It is a major healing move.

In Lakeland, I was given a promise of how the ark of God and Revival would be carried from city to city. This fire would be transferrable. It would be a tangible fire. People could take it back to their nation and their city. In praying for this conference (Open Heavens, referenced above), the Lord began to have me revisit the original prophetic promise of the 12 cities that I was given with Bob in April of 2008. He said, "Do you remember that word?" I said, "Yes Lord." He said, "That word is now. This 12-city promise is for now. You need to fire it up again, and you need to focus specifically on praying for people from Ohio and keep prophesying Ohio. Watch Ohio. Because as it breaks there, it is going to begin to break in many other cities."

Here are the 12 cities that I was given in April 2008:

Lakeland/Orlando, Florida (Lakeland Outpouring)
Charlotte, NC ("Breakout" happened at MorningStar)
Kansas City, MO (Student Awakening)
Atlanta, GA
Des Moines,Iowa
Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska
Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
Denver, CO
Nashville, TN
Portland/Albany, OR
Seattle, WA

I thought, God why did you name all of these specific cities, but when it came to Ohio the promise was "Ohio" After this, I was speaking with Bob Jones and I said, "Bob I think we need to release this." And Bob said, "Did you know Bonnie had an angelic encounter March 1 and the Lord came to her and spoke to her about Ohio?" And I said, "Really?" "In fact Todd, you didn't know this, but just today Bonnie came to me and asked me if Ohio was one of the 12 cities. And now you are coming to me with Ohio."

About this time, Rick joined the conversation, and shared how he had published a similar encounter called the 12-city prophecy. Now, I had never read or heard of this prophecy prior to this conversation. Rick shared how in regards to Ohio, "in the vision I saw an actual map of the U.S. with these cities marked as points. I did not know all of the cities and had to look them up on an Atlas." I have a question mark by Columbus, Ohio which I do in this article because I actually saw the entire state of Ohio being highlighted, and I put down Columbus with a question mark because it is kind of in the center and I thought maybe it would be centered there. But I got the same thing, the entire state of Ohio. There is something about that. You are going to see something remarkable happen in Ohio.

For the sake of integrity, below is a list of the 12 cities that Rick saw in his February 6, 1989 encounter. Again, we understand and celebrate the many places that Revival is breaking out across America and throughout the world, but these visions and interpretations are just our part of what we have been shown. We pray for Revival to break out in every city of America and throughout the world. You will notice that in Rick's vision there were several cities that he saw that I didn't see and several that I saw that he didn't, but the core cities and areas are consistent.

Excerpt taken from the MorningStar Journal Vol. 2 No. 3: "In the vision, I saw circles drawn around each of these cities that I later estimated to be about 1,000 miles in diameter or to have a radius of 500 miles. I then estimated that over 98% of the population of the US was within 500 miles of at least one of these cities or a one-day drive. These cities are strategically located according to the population centers."

The 12 cities that Rick saw in his vision were:

Albany, NY
Atlanta, GA
Columbus, OH
Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
Denver, CO
Kansas City, MO
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
Orlando, FL
Phoenix, AZ
Portland, OR
Santa Maria, CA
Washington, D.C.

Yours In the Harvest,

- Todd Bentley





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