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Deaf and Mute with a Large Tumor Miracle in Mexico on Video

Deaf and Mute with a large tumor Miracle in Mexico on Video!

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👉 Totally Deaf, Mute and a Large Tumor Healed On Video! 🔥

I saw the most incredible miracle tonight in our Souk winning Crusade Mexico, of A girl that was totally deaf and dumb (Mute) and she was checked by our medical doctor to also have a large tumor in her stomach and you can see in this video as she gets healed how the demon comes out and I command the spirit to come out and the demon leaves and she gets up here reading and speaking and healed of the tumor and I encourage you to watch and share this video if you’ve never seen a book of backs miracle! 

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The Altars are Filled Again with the Greatest Harvest. 

Many hundreds are baptized in the Holy Spirit to receive power for the Great Commission! 

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Todd had the opportunity to Preach the Gospel on the Radio across Mexico!
Street Preaching in Mexico!
Watch this Miracle!
‪They help to get the woman on the stage, we found out she was paralyzed 5 years on left side that left side! she came up because she started to get movement & the anointing increased until we got her fully moving and even later walking! 
This deaf girl was so scared to get prayer, it just takes a little active compassion like one meant to convince her to let us pray for her ears which popped open with a Big Bang. Moms Face is priceless. Sorry I did not get a photo after but this was a great moment. 
Blind Eye Opens in Mexico!
Broken Bone Healed in Mexico!
The Deaf are Healed
Woman receives brand new Hip!
Bringing Hope, Recovery, and Restoration to the Muslim World!

In 2015 and 2017 FreshFireUSA had the opportunity to hold a week of Evangelistic Gospel Crusades in Karachi, Pakistan. Many miracles, signs, and wonders occurred including 3 resurrections from the dead! However, the greater focus and real rejoicing is with the 652,555 salvations! Including the many Muslims reached with the love of Jesus Christ.

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is currently open to the Gospel. FreshFireUSA has the opportunity to return to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in September 2019 to hold another week of Gospel Crusades in Quetta. Quetta, Pakistan sits along the Afghanistan border! These strategic crusades will allow us to preach the Message of Salvation and watch it shift the atmosphere in these fragile regions and see the Gospel spread like wildfire throughout this Muslim nation!

We are praying and trusting the Lord at this time that our full budget will be met for this upcoming mission to Pakistan. Our first phase of this mission is  $35,000   and it is for a great cause hosting soul winning crusades throughout the Islamic Republic of Pakistan!

Please also consider sowing a seed into what we are believing to be just the beginning of something. Thank you in advance for considering a seed for souls today!