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7 Pillars of Justice Revelation.

7 Pillars of Justice - Watch Now!
7 Pillars of Justice
Healing and Ministry Broadcast

There is hope, recovery, and restoration in the love of the Father.

We are here to pray with you! Do you need a breakthrough? How can we pray for you and your family? Watch the broadcast and agree with what is being released. You can also send your prayer requests in to prayer@freshfireusa.com.
Miracle & Healing Webinar

Whether your entire family is completely lost and living in sin, or they are completely in love with Jesus, You still find it in your heart to pray for them on a regular basis.
In order to have revival in America, we first need to have revival in our families.

We are building an altar for families that will be on stage in the Angeles Temple. This altar is specifically intended to be a place where every single photo of families that you send in will be placed, and we will be anointing these emails, and photos with oil and prayer and declaring REVIVAL in your family.

As you're sending your family photos and prayer requests, sow a seed for revival in families. While in Los Angeles this summer, we will be ministering daily to over 60,000 people on Skid Row.

You really do reap what you sow, and as you do sow, believe God that your gospel seed can help delver the gospel to families. $20, $50, $100, or even join our wall of honor by sowing a $1,000 seed. The wall of honor will be on the stage in Angeles Temple for all to see and honor.

Every photo will be printed out and put it on the altar this August in Angeles Temple.
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