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Bob Jones' Word About Harvesting The Nations

Eblast - Fresh Fire USA

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Many of you know that we are contending for a new stadium revival Harvest in America (RHA). This started last summer in Olean, New York at Bradner stadium and will continue this summer in Hollywood in Los Angeles at the famous Aimee Semple McPherson Temple. This gathering will be unique like no other gathering I have hosted because of the FOCUS not just being an outreach, but my passion is to see the Prophets and Evangelists (Harvesters) come together to bring in the great harvest.

I do not believe we are able to get where we are going to go in the harvest without working hand-in-hand with the Samuels, Prophets and seers. I want you to take a moment to read through this Bob Jones Prophecy we are going to see in La and really let it resonate in your spirit. Will you pray this word for the release of Seer / Harvesters!

If you know the vision my wife had, it’s all about a brand new teal color mantle coming down in the coming together of both the healing and the revelatory for a new manifestation of power for this next move of healing and harvest.


Here is Bobs part!

The Shepherd’s Rod 1992 (Chapter 5) quote below. Bob Jones. A now word manifesting!

Wisdom & Understanding Will Take Church Through the Museum of Her Past!

"Wisdom and understanding will take Her through the Museum of Her past, to look at all the glorious past, so She can have faith for a present day glory.

We need to get back into the Bible and the history of the Church. The Church’s past glories in that museum were awesome to look at. We are called to ten times more than that much glory. The glory of the latter house shall far exceed the earlier house. Papa is building Him a house to live in, to cohabitate with us. He's calling us to be living stones of Papa's new castle or temple. Wisdom here is God's written Word and the Spirit is God's understanding of how to please Him. It's like there is wisdom (in) Proverbs, Psalms and the other places in the Bible. You have to get it down (i.e. read) and then you can pray (i.e. meditate and ask) for understanding once you're into the Word. The wisdom is in the Word. You can find it and then pray for the understanding of how to apply it to your life. Wisdom under the Word and understanding under the spirit, the two witnesses. This means it's a year of understanding.”

My passion in doing Revival Harvest America crusades where our focus is proclaiming the gospel and lifting up the name of Jesus with signs and wonders and ministry and outreach. This is one strategy the Holy Spirit has given to me especially for the upcoming summer crusade that’s being hosted at the ABC up at McPherson Temple, the main event August 16 and 17th which is going to be a massive gathering for those needing to be healed and those needing to know Jesus. Many of you know the vision for our mandate but the Lord told me this one had to be different and we had to be sure to bring together the Samuels and the harvesters to see the prophets and the evangelists for the new mantle being released for prophetic and power evangelism and so this event will be a gathering of people that believe we cannot manifest heaven without the prophetic working together with the Evangelist.

I’m going to be inviting all the Samuels and all the harvesters to take a stand with me and prophesy over Hollywood and LA and be a part of what’s about to take place this summer and we could see a city shaken with 3000 evangelists on the streets, ministering with us in skid Row in Hollywood and a whole week of tent meetings before the main event at the temple!

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Thanx! You're friend Todd!



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