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Aimee Semple McPherson ~ Help us continue this Legacy.

Eblast - Fresh Fire USA

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Famous Aimee Semple McPherson Temple Crusade! Help us! Souls!
  Revival Harvest America!

What we have been seeing for decades in many other nations is about to happen in the great nation of America! 

The Time is NOW!  

We need to lift up our spiritual eyes and see that the harvest at the end of the age is at hand; the fields are already white, and many are ready to be harvested  HERE in America!

Seven Stadium Mandate!

Revival Harvest America - Olean, NY

In 2018 Fresh Fire had its first Revival Harvest America stadium outreach in the wonderful state of New York in the city of Olean. The mayor of Olean visited during our first night, over 2,000 people were reached on the second day as we fed the city and provided food parcels for hungry families, and on day three, a hard-core biker associated with the Hell' Angels attended the meeting and gave his life to the Lord. The event made the front page of the local news and the Mayor of Olean came out to show is support.

We were once again amazed by all the Partners and local churches that came around our Fresh Fire team, working together to sow and reap! Some of these harvesters flew in from as far away as California, Hawaii, Australia, Canada and Sweden! We are so grateful for everyone's continued support, and as you read on, we are excited for our next stop.

Revival Harvest America - Los Angeles

After the huge success of Revival Harvest America Olean, NY. FreshFire Ministries will be mobilizing Revival Harvest America Los Angeles which we believe will be the tipping point of revival for the West Coast! There will be five days of city outreach and feeding leading to up to the two day harvest event. This event will shake the West Coast and will build momentum for Revival Harvest America Columbus, OH.

Phase 1 - $30,000

FreshFire Ministries has seen over two million souls saved and preached the gospel in 73 countries. This would not have been possible without the support of Friends and Partners like you in each country, in prayer and finances. America is no different. We need people like you right here to team up with us to see a successful Revival America.

The reason for this letter today is to ask if you would consider praying with us at this time about an urgent and pressing need that we have as a ministry. FreshFire ministries is mobilizing and will be holding a stadium outreach at Angelus Temple in Los Angeles, California. We are expecting the beginning of a great awakening and harvest of lost souls as we seek to bring healing to the sick and hope to those that are lost.

We have many needs to begin this work. Phase 1 will help us to begin mobilizing this tremendous effort. We need to secure and acquire the venue and various equipment for outreach and the event. We will be holding tent meetings throughout that week. This includes bringing in drug addicts and feeding the homeless. We will be reaching the lost with acts of love and kindness

Would you prayerfully consider sowing into this outreach and help us today?

Your Donation Makes a Difference!