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What is your why?

What is your why?
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There are many reasons why students attend our School of Supernatural Ministry. Some come because they want to learn how to put their ministry and all they know into action; others come to pursue more of the supernatural lifestyle; some are looking for their tribe to build community; others need help understanding their destiny and purpose in the Kingdom of God; and some simply heard the Lord leading them to come.

Regardless of all the reasons, the important thing is they came; they heard the mandate and followed through, laying everything aside to answer their why, and their lives have forever been changed.

What Will Be YOUR Why?

Don't take our word for it! Here's what previous students have to say about our school!
"I can tell you having gone through Todd Bentley's school, Amy and I both received life changing impartation! This is a school that will activate you into the supernatural, give you practical steps of ministering in power evangelism, and stir you for the greater things of God!" - Jesse Shamp
"If you want to study Bible theology and doctrine, DO NOT enroll in the upcoming Fresh Fire School of Supernatural Ministry!! You should DEFINITELY ENROLL if you want to be a member of a SPIRIT-LED community that teaches you and stretches you to DO THE STUFF!!! If you had told me I would be graduating ministry school, even six months ago, I would have laughed out loud!!!
Thanks to awesome spiritual fathers, Westley Roderick and Todd Bentley, the caring staff, and my fellow students who are now lifetime friends, I am ready and prepared to walk into my God-given destiny!!! My life has been forever changed by Fresh Fire SOSM, and that to me, is priceless!" - Michelle Hayes

"I attended the Fresh Fire School of Supernatural Ministry in the Spring semester of 2018. I can easily say that it was an excellent experience for me. My main goal in going through the ministry school was to have a time where I intentionally pursued ministry with the Lord and sought answers on where He was leading me and what specifically He was calling me to do. The school was the perfect place to do that, and being surrounded by the awesome community that gathers around Fresh Fire was awesome as well. If you are considering the school, I would highly recommend that you ask the Lord if He is sending you to the Fresh Fire school!" - Jonn Bartine
The power of purpose is similar to the energy of light focused through a magnifying glass. Diffused light has little use, but when its energy is concentrated—as through a magnifying glass—that same light can set a fire. What is your purpose?
"Fresh Fire School of Supernatural is unique for each student. I have built some great friendships that I will cherish forever! I love that there is no age requirement (our class had student from ages 19-70). It's about hungry hearts who want to walk in the fullness of their call. You will learn different aspects of ministry, go on outreaches, and be a part of the ministry teams. It is a good way to get over your fears and step into the person God created you to be.

The Lord will give you peace and will make a way where there seems to be no way; 90 days could change your life forever. What are you waiting for?" - Brenda Oliver
  "What I loved about the school is that it pushed me to actually perform what I was learning and teaching about, to see Jesus move in the lives of people that I spoke with and to experience Jesus on another level. Would you consider changing your environment for 90 days to accomplish that if God prompted you?

I want to encourage you to consider the next School." - Marcus Butler
"Fresh Fire School of Supernatural Ministry is based on true revival lifestyle, teaching me what it is like to live in a cultural of revival, be a part of outreaches, and every day life. I found it a safe place to develop and discover my calling/gifting, based on what the LORD is saying instead of man ,and then grow and prosper in it. This school really unpacks it all and the community is has given me lifetime friends. I am forever grateful! " - Sherree Davis
We need to have a vision of the future so compelling that we can see it even more clearly than what is in front of us. Make your mission clear and be determined to complete it at the appointed time.
What is your vision?
"Fresh Fire School of Supernatural Ministry is a School for those who feel truly called by God. What I like is that it's more than a classroom. You will get opportunity for real hands on ministry as you receive the necessary keys to go the distance in your destiny." - Alex Parkinson

"One of my favorite things about the School of the Supernatural is that they don't just talk and learn about the things of the spirit but they get hands on so you can experience it for yourself. These are things most Bible colleges don't even touch on until the 3rd year." - Chantie Holland
"The School of Supernatural will not only help you understand your gifting and call upon your life, but empower you to walk fully in it with the heart of the Father.

I've been in ministry for 19 years and the School of Supernatural has been one of the most impactful schools I have been a part of." - Travis Holland
"The main reason why I attended the School of Supernatural Ministry was to develop a relationship with Todd and Jessa Bentley, in order to become an Affiliate Member of Fresh Fire Ministries Kingdom Revival Alliance. Not only did I achieve that goal, I also FOUND MY TRIBE! But the "Bonus Feature" I received was the impartation to dream and to interpret dreams! My life has been amped up and transformed!" - Joe James
"The Fresh Fire Ministry school was an amazing experience for me. Right before I started ,God confirmed with me that He wanted me there. I didn't know what to expect, but it was important that I listened to God, obviously. A word I received before I even heard about the school was, "You are going to be submitting yourself to a teacher that would be far from what you are used to, but it is good and I see you with a group of friends that you would encourage. You would lead them but they would all add something to everyone's life". It was a word that sounded like a Joseph. I humbled myself and kept it in the back of my mind. Then as I was praying, I received an email at that moment for this school; I knew I had to be there. I met many amazing friends and all the words came to pass at school. My life will honestly never be the same; through that place, God really was doing things, and after, He directed me where I needed to go. The grace available through the faithfulness of God poured out on my life. Westley is a great teacher and friend. I would recommend others to go, especially if you feel like God is wanting you there. It will be amazing! For me it definitely was." - Marcus A. Gutierrez
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