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Reflection & Destiny ~Year end Newsletter

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2018, A Year-End Reflection

What an amazing year 2018 has been for Fresh Fire USA! We once again have seen the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord as He has blessed us with provision and better yet, souls that have been added to the Kingdom!
Jessa and I were blessed as we added Jocelyn Reign to our family earlier this year, giving Lauralee, Esther, Elijah, and Paris another sister! This year also marked 20 years of full-time ministry, and we celebrated God’s promises and healing in our lives and His restoration power in many relationships.
..."How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, 
who bring glad tidings of good things!" - Romans 10:15
This year we had the opportunity to hold Gospel crusades in Mexico City, Mexico. During the day, we did street evangelism and in the evening, we held tent crusades in the heart of town. Many miracles, signs, and wonders occurred including hundreds of salvations!
Fresh Fire had its first Revival Harvest America stadium outreach in the wonderful state of New York in Olean. The mayor of Olean visited during our first night, over 2,000 people were reached on the second day as we fed the city and provided food parcels for hungry families, and on day three, a hard-core biker associated with the Hells Angels attended the meeting and gave his life to the Lord. The event made the front page of the local news and the Mayor of Olean came out to show is support.
We were once again amazed by all the Partners and local churches that came around our Fresh Fire team, working together to sow and reap! Some of these harvesters flew in from as far away as California, Hawaii, Australia, Canada and Sweden! We are so grateful for everyone's continued support, and as you read on, we are excited for 2019!

As we look to 2019, we are excited and preparing for another Revival Harvest America outreach and two over-seas mission trips as well as reaching the lost in Mexico! 

Missions is the heart and soul of Fresh Fire USA. In 2019 we will be sharing the eternal Gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world. We will start in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia, early January. Next, we will head back to Mexico City, Mexico, in March. Finally, we will finish out our mission's outreach in Quetta, Pakistan in September. For trip info or to help be a sponsor for one of these trips, visit: Freshfiremissions.com  
"For 'Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.' But how can they call on Him to save them unless they believe in Him? And how can they believe in Him if they have never heard about Him? And how can they hear about Him unless someone tells them?" - Romans 10:13-14 
We are working hard as we prepare for the next Revival Harvest America outreach in Los Angeles, California, and have just secured the dates and location. All throughout 2018, the Lord burned this phrase into my spirit: "Open your eyes and LOOK at the field!" We believe that Revival Harvest America in Olean, NY, was just part of the beginning of the next Great Awakening and Harvest in America, and "but a shadow and foretaste of the future". Jessa was recently reminded of a dream that she'd had several years ago, where the Lord spoke to her about a new movement which would begin in California and in Los Angeles! We are believing that this is the next step to Revival in America .... and a Great Harvest! We invite you to partner with us, sowing into our homeland soil, and begin to see the Harvest come in! Please consider joining us May 31 and June 1, 2019, at the Angelus Temple in Los Angeles! For more information and to support RHA, visit: Revival HarvestAmerica. org.
Our prayer for all our Fresh Fire Partners and Supporters is that this season you would be full of His presence and joy! We declare a new season of increase and fruitfulness as we expect this year end and new beginning to be a Greater Glory!
Thank you again for your continued support, both in prayer and financially. We ask that you consider sowing a seed for this next year's harvest as 2018 comes to a close. 
We know many of you like to sow a special Year-End Gift, and we've made it easy. Simply donate below, call 803-802-0392 or text "freshfireusa" to 77977   
All donations received before December 31, 2018 will count as a deduction for your 2018 taxes. Thank you again for Partnering with us in Harvest.


Todd & Jessa Bentley