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Listen to this prophetic word for going into 2019. We captured it raw from the “Unlocking the Seers Dimension” conference on Thursday, December 7th, 2018. We also did our best to transcribed it for you below.

"If you want to know one word I have that I am going to give you tonight for 2019: It is GREATER GLORY!

The glory will be greater! Greater than whatever the level of revelation; greater the level of healing, greater the level of “current present”; whatever the current level, it will be greater! How many of you can say greater glory? God, I need a greater glory. Can you prophesy Son of Man? Lift up your voice and open up your mouth and say, “Greater Glory.” You want to make a decree? Decree a thing and it will be so! “If you start putting your words with My words and you open up your mouth, then you become a voice. You become a trumpet! You become the sound, you be a sound, and you are the sound. The rain and the sound of the abundance of My revival rain and glory, and the rains of healing, is coming down. There will be a new sound. There will be a new glory generation that will rise and mobilize. You will hear the sound of the voice of the One that is over the waters and the God of Glory shall thunder with a greater glory”, I prophesy.

There is a greater glory in which the God of Glory (thunders), whose voice is powerful and mighty, and the Cedars of Lebanon will break and shake. “This will be a year where even the deer will give birth premature and early, for a birthing in My glory is upon you. If you hear “Yay”, oh Son of Man, and lift up your voice that the eternal everlasting gates be open in Charlotte. They be open! The gates and doors over the Carolinas for the King of Glory shall come in.” Oh, prophesy and see a change based on the word in your mouth. Even the word of faith – hear the word of your mouth. As you believe you confess!

I am telling you, People of God, in recent weeks, the Spirit of God has been coming on me in meetings spontaneously, where I open up and prophesy in ways I’ve never prophesied before. People who have been around my preaching in recent weeks say, “What happened to you”, because my preaching changed. I don’t even know what’s happening to me. The mantle of something fresh is coming for the Church that is tired of wandering in transition. We are ready to cross over the Jordan. Crossover.

“New day, new vision, new anointing! We want to cross over!” Whatever that means for you… God, I want my next season to be “not the way that it was”; I don’t want to look back. God is never about back. He says His mercies are new every morning! He says, “Today, if you hear My voice, do not harden your hearts.” Do you know today is today? Every day for 2000 years is today. Tomorrow is today. The Spirit is saying that today we have a choice. We can harden our hearts and not hear; we can laugh and mock, at the so called prophets and the ones that miss it. But God is releasing a fresh prophetic oil so position yourself in this season of cross over!

I feel like the church is turning all the way into 2020 – the full swing and we are through 2019 years. The first sign of the mobilization of the great harvest, even the wakening of signs, wonders and miracles, will be how great the Glory of God manifests – how great the tangible manifest (Presence) lingers. I am not just talking glory in the sense of some kind of outward moral confession that He gets all the glory; we all know that. I mean THE CLOUD IS AVAILABLE.

In Him,

Todd Bentley

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