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Pakistan 2019 ~ help us change the spiritual climate.

Eblast - Fresh Fire USA

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Bringing Hope, Recovery, and Restoration to the Muslim World!
Dear Friends,

Fresh Fire USA had the opportunity to hold a Gospel crusade in Karachi, Pakistan in 2015 and 2017. Many miracles, signs, and wonders occurred including 3 resurrections from the dead! However, the greater focus and real rejoicing is with the 652,555 salvations! and the many Muslims that were reached with the gospel and love of Jesus Christ!
The great news is Fresh Fire USA has the opportunity to return to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in September 2019 to hold a week of Gospel crusades in Quetta. Quetta sits along the Afghanistan border!
Therefore, these strategic crusades have an opportunity to change the atmosphere in these regions!

Bringing Hope, Recovery, and Restoration to the Muslim World!
We have an immediate need!
Can you Help?
Our Mission Director is currently on the ground in Pakistan! FreshFireUSA is currently in need of an immediate $5,000 to cover the preparation costs.

Pakistan Highlights

´╗┐Fresh Fire USA Gospel crusade in Pakistan saw 652,555 salvations and many Muslims reached with the gospel and love of Jesus Christ. Not to mention 3 resurrections from the dead! 

This mission is only possible with your Help!
The Islamic Republic of Pakistan was established to provide people a system of life based on Islam. Pakistan has over 200 million people and 97% of them are Muslims. Therefore, there are approximately 195 million people in Pakistan that need to be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Cost of sharing the Gospel
2015 - $150,000/292,555 = .51$ per person saved
2017 - $150,000/360,000 = .42$ per person saved
There has never been a more urgent time to share the Gospel in Pakistan. Due to the continuing acts of terrorism the window to enter Pakistan and hold open air crusades may be closing.