February 13 - May 13

God wants to renew our strength just like the eagles (Is. 40:31). We need two strong wings to fly, strengthened by both the Word and the Spirit. Then, as mature, equipped sons and daughters of the Most High, we will march together into His global harvest field with the gospel burning in our hearts. He is anointing us to release His glory into all the earth.

Fresh Fire Ministries  is responding to the pressing need to equip the saints! Birthed by Evangelist  Todd Bentley , the  School of Supernatural Ministry is designed to help you stretch beyond your own ability and understanding so that the call of God is successfully accomplished in your life.

Jesus Christ trained His disciples before sending them out into the world as apostles. Today, it is His desire to send us out the same way, well-prepared to go into the world to make disciples.

Christ wants us to know Him intimately by the power of the Holy Spirit and to catch His vision for our lives. His desire is to build godly character into our DNA – Divine Nature Activated. Healthy fruit is produced by healthy roots; God desires to root us, His trees of life, deeply by His river, the source of life. (Ps. 1:3) He wants believers to be healed of any unstable feelings and self-centered thinking so that good, lasting fruit will grow in every season, fruit that will be reproduced in the lives of other believers.


At SOSM, rather than an emphasis on theory only, application and experience of truths and material will be highlighted and encouraged. Each morning, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm Tuesday to Friday, we will have prayer and/or worship followed by in-depth teaching, ministry and impartation. As a part of equipping the saints, we will be teaching on topics such as: The Gospel of the Kingdom, New Testament Survey, Discipleship, Healing and Deliverance, Team Ministry, 7 Gates of Ministry, 7 Spirits of God, Dreams and Visions, Evangelism, Worship, Arts and Media, Secrets of Serving, Prophecy, and Signs and Wonders. Many other subject matters will be covered – this list is more of a guide and is subject to change at the Holy Spirit’s direction. There will not be a set schedule as to when courses will be taught and subjects may be taught for any length of time. Often in the afternoons there will be additional teaching, local outreaches, soaking sessions or time of resting. Each week, semester and every year will be different as the Holy Spirit leads into new realms of revelation and emphasis.

As students, you will be attending the conferences as scheduled, in which you will be serving and ministering as a team with Fresh Fire Ministries. As well, you will be involved with Secret Place Church, as part of the Fresh Fire Training Center, where Todd and Jessa Bentley minister frequently alongside the apostolic team, to come together as a body to meet the needs of the body. 

The school begins February 13 and goes through to May 12, 2017. 

Classes are Tuesday through Friday and are approximately 3.5 hours per day, from 9am to 12:30pm. On Saturdays there will be an outreach from 11am-2pm. In addition to classes we have two church services, one being on Wednesday night and another on Sunday mornings, there will be conferences, and other regional events we may attend as a class or you can as you wish. 


Early Registration (Registered by TBA) $1000 

Details: Registration for the school requires an initial payment of $100. If making payments, a payments must be paid in full by TBA in order to graduate. 

Regular Tuition (Registered After TBA) $1500 

Details: Registration for the school requires an initial payment of $100. If making payments, a payments must be paid in full by TBA in order to graduate.  

 If a person pays an amount toward the school either in part or in full, they will receive 80% of their money returned to them less a $25 application fee.

 *No refunds once School has started